I love you I love you I love you.. 💑💏💩💘🐷 #bebelove #couple #MainggitKa #ForeverAndAlways

I love you I love you I love you.. 💑💏💩💘🐷 #bebelove #couple #MainggitKa #ForeverAndAlways

Short hair, dont curr. #selfie #bakluh

Short hair, dont curr. #selfie #bakluh

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Cute artsy fartsy displays.  (at H Home)

Cute artsy fartsy displays. (at H Home)

Baccalaureate mass & Sampaguita Interlude.

Saturday, April 5, 2014.

The day when I regret why didn’t I brought my slippers, yes, those high heels kills it off. It was hard standing for 3 hours almost? But it was fun and tiring also, all those sampaguita practices at school are worth it, though at first I really hate attending it. But anyway, here’s some photos my mom took and photos I grabbed from my friends.

Look how it’s hard for me to walk with those heels. Nyahaha!

Fight for it. Learn from it. Cherish life.

It’s hard to push and let go someone very important in your life, especially when that person is the only one you cling to when you’re down, when everything around you seems to fail, when that persons arms are the only thing you wish and his hugs and kisses are the only cure to make you feel safe and sound.

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Give me an adventure


I don’t care what form it comes in, whether place, person, or experience. I just want to know what it’s like to feel young and excited and alive, because if I ever felt that way, I have long since forgotten.

I’ve spent so much of my life worrying and doubting and overthinking. For once, I want to just let go.

I want life to romance me. I want to fall head over heels.

Body talk


This was originally published in the March 21, 2014 issue of The Philippine Star’s YStyle, in my column Read My Lipstick.

"I’m going to the beach this weekend with my cousins and their really skinny girlfriends and I don’t know what to do," a friend tells us on WhatsApp, following up this statement with a photo nicked off Facebook of said girls, bikini-clad. Wow, abs. But you look perfectly fine, we tell her, and it’s not just lip service, because this particular group of friends is the most blunt and critical I have; they tell it to you straight. She does look perfectly fine. Petite, and slim, and pretty; my friend has nothing to worry about. “No, I’ve gained so much weight! And you know how every group has a token whale? In this group, I’m the token whale!” she wails.

It occurred to me then (not that it hadn’t occurred to me before in some form or another, countless times) that in this group of friends and nearly every other I’d been a part of, I had probably always been the “token whale.” The last time I remember being thin was when I was prepubescent, and the last time I remember being comfortable in my own skin is basically never. I’m far from skinny, and while a good number of people (mostly female; also: my mother) have told me that I should appreciate my full figure more, and that the curves suit me, there’s always this nagging desperation to lose weight that continues to whisper in the back of my head. Because everywhere I look, all I see is skinny.

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LE SIGH. KEEP READING! Really loved it.